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The Winter Sun

Date Written: October 15, 2017

Icy fingers and winter’s breath creeping in the dawn

light-filled mist; an ethereal lace glinting this bright morn.

Over the water and in deep dales; hovering just above

trying to keep out night’s chill; a blanket warmed with love.


The sun breaks over mountain ranges; the coverlet melts away

the earth-bound trees and flowers turn their faces to the day.

Golden rays are sheets of light blanketing the clouds

piercing through tree canopies to dance, down on the ground.


Flowers open to the sun; drinking in his warmth

as he moves across the azure skies; God’s gift of love to earth.

He reaches the west horizon and as he leisurely descends

ribbons wide of sunset mauve; through evening clouds do weave and bend.


And as his bright red-orange globe disappears from sight

mist once again begins to form to protect against the night.

The timeless dance begins once more; icy fingers again take hold

winter’s chill breath creeps again midst ancient hills of old.

Written by Siona Robertson
ÓCopyright 2016.

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