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Ratti Gali

Date Written: October 27, 2017

There she dwells, dipped in lakes of fog bone-white

A queen, with swan frost feathers adorning her breast

Stars away I sleep in snow dreams of her cedar nights

With sugarplum taste of hoarfrost from her crimson crest


Waters of her silver veil have shaped rocks of my thoughts

In her arctic realm, she was once invulnerable as glaciers

Hidden in her lush misty valleys, she reigned all alone

And no man could vanquish her implacable winters


Now melancholy in the mountains, deep blue with time

Slowly, slowly she bleeds away with spider-lily fire

Longing for one last kiss of my ephemeral sunlight

Shy and trembling, with my mad, mad desires


And I go back to the time when we were both strangers

She innocent and unconquered, and I forever wild

Before with my rain touch, I ignited her livid thunder

And we loved and we loved, believed and beguiled


I have treaded upon her glitter grass like a pilgrim

And to quench my selfish thirst, I left her starved

With my wolf-feral fingers, I traced her ivory lips

And in gray oblivions of her waters, my face is carved


I am a river that emerges from salt waterfalls of her eyelashes

I am what she dreams of behind her October moon eyes

I am the smoke that rises from graveyard of her winter wishes

I am the constellation she seeks out with her inky fingers upon skies


She is the flower blooming with quivering passion while no one sees

She grows thorns and thorns even when no one dares to touch

These mountains and clouds conceal her sullen, wasted beauty

Her jade slippers are tattered from dancing too much


And I, intoxicated by the ancient mystery of her loneliness,

A twinkle of moonlight tiara above her midnight head,

Lured by magic of her likeness in these liquid mirrors

For the taste of her sweet waters, the red nectar she bled


And she would drown me in her heart with her marble arms

And show me my dreams in the silk ripples of her hair

And I would rise from her dewy lips like a sigh in her charm

Heavy with serrated longings, and thousand unheard prayers


Oh, and her love, I remember, was unbridled and infinite

As she got fuller each night, drinking from my Milky Way

And she poured all her secrets to my whispers and was spent

Before frost of the morning, before cold realization of the day


And as I leave her, sad and wilted, I don’t look back

Even as I drown in the cold rain that flows from her

A soft plea from her lips,

A litany of my name fades to black

But here I would always remain,

In her deep, dusk-filled waters

And here she would always be waiting,

Beautiful and all alone

In the secret valleys of her.

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