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Date Written: October 5, 2017

 Found myself passing out only to wonder when will i wake up, but i wake up with a face full of makeup with a set of A cups. Must be a dream case i passed out with a flat chest,six pack &  my dick out. I heard stories like these only happen in a crack house with the windows out,but never said anything about mansions in the hamptons. I figure its time to get out before some other shit pop cause my A cups already out. Staright jacket all i need loosing my mind this no longer a dream this makeup feel like it's caked up for sake fuck now i can't see. Bright lights in sky like now im understanding about the high life. I need to find the exit so i can get back to texas,but if i escape how im plea my case they only going to consider me as a Nutcase.

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Image NutCase  Found myself passing out only to wonder when will i…
by Spacedout
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