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Fruits of Search

Date Written: October 16, 2017

Beings naturally experience pleasure
They go out of their way to seek leisure

But when pleasure is contaminated with craving
Their minds begin to sway, craze and start raving

Not releasing it creates frustration
Forever searching in anticipation

Tedious suffering soon follows
All fruits of search remain in hollows

2 comments on “Fruits of Search”

  1. Jawahar Gupta     October 16, 2017

    fantastic way to express
    The Human Nature
    Always wanting more,,
    In search of better than THIS,

    1. Spiritual Honey 108     October 16, 2017

      Bless you, Jawahar.

      Sometimes it is not the conscious thought content that makes us grasp for more and more, but the momentum of the energy created by other vibrations which surge us forward, sometimes without us realising. An analogy of an example of this would be a wake of a boat. The surge of the wake produces a strong current which affects anything in its path.

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