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O My Mind – II.

Date Written: October 17, 2017

O my mind,
Love the Lord
As water loves milk;
It suffers the heat itself,
But lets not milk suffer.
He Himself unites the separated;
He Himself bestows true greatness.

O my mind,
Love the Lord
As the provoking loves the sun;
For they sleep not for a moment,
Taking what is far
To be at hand.
The worldy people know not;
To the godly, He is ever-present.

The worldy make calculations;
What the Creator wills comes to pass.
His value cannot be assessed,
Howsoever much one may try
Through the guidance of the Master
Can He be found.
When the true One is met,
Peace descends.

2 comments on “O My Mind – II.”

  1. Sonia Crt     October 17, 2017

    it is very interesting write
    you pen the poems so well

  2. Spiritual Honey 108     October 19, 2017

    Bless you Sonia.

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