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Relief for the tortured

Date Written: November 8, 2017

As we come into another year,

so comes more tears.

Manmade storms that form unprecedented floods,

all in the name of sacrificial blood.

True ,our Father has blessed us with autonomy ,

but not to do like those in the 12th of Deuteronomy.

Big earthquakes and wars are a sign to me.

I read in Revelation ,of these present devastations.

But once the seals were opened, and now the blue skies will open.

Hope will come as said, and all demons will be dead.

Triumph for Jesus.

Babylon has fallen.

Holy war has been waged ,

so real Christians fall in.

We'll use the might of our flesh in concert with angelic force ,

to overthrow satan and his followers with no remorse.

Then, we will fall into a deep sleep.

In a new Eden we'll awake.

No memories of the past ,because that world was fake.

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