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Education System

Date Written: November 9, 2017

Education System


The baby is born free

For it, life is a free game

However we put in the cradle

And hold it captive in the frame


At every turn and stage

Some frame is imposed on it

It suffers suffocation

And can’t take a free breath a bit


Instead of drawing best

Out of him

We go on putting information

And stuff into him


It can’t bear the brunt

Of unjust overweight

For creative realm

He is not fully set



About this world

It has its own hidden perception

However it is perturbed by

Our framed inception


It is neither interested in fame

Nor even in name

However our education system

Seizes him in prestigious frame


What good is

The Education System

Which snatches away

Its self-respect and self-esteem?

4 comments on “Education System”

  1. Sonia Crt     November 10, 2017

    good concept sir

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     November 10, 2017

      Thanks so kindly Sonia for your nice comment.

  2. Uma Natarajan     November 10, 2017

    Dear friend I was a school teacher for 20years of higher classes 11th and 12th std
    Yes the entire system and syllabus is faulty
    I have visited U. S. Observed their system they derive or extract out of the student’s brain which allows over all development. Where as we go on stuffing and making them by heart instead of making them learn
    Appreciate your work so real

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     November 11, 2017

      Thanks so kindly Uma for your indepth review ,personal experience and observation and enlightening comment. Also thanks for sharing your personal US experience! Regards!

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