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Friend of Birds

Date Written: September 18, 2017

Friend of Birds


I’m not an ornithologist

However birds I do love

My curious feel spreads over

Aggressive hawk to peace loving dove


When I see in the courtyard

Chirping sparrow and cawing crow

I wonder about the world of birds

And my curiosity does grow


When I see a weaver bird

Weaving its nest

I’m taken aback

To see its craftsmanship best


The woodpecker without break

Pecking the hard tree wood

The inspiring exquisite sight

Really elevates the mood



Fascinating swaggering movements

Of Pheasant and hornbill

Make me awfully stunned

Calm, speechless and still


High soaring eagle

Its awesome flight regal

Smooth sailing kite

As if they’re cosmic king and knight


To know the world of birds

I would like to make myself free

To become their best friend

I would go on bird watching spree

One comment on “Friend of Birds”

  1. Uma Natarajan     September 19, 2017

    Nice picture, fantastic poem

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