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Date Written: October 29, 2017



When my statue

Experiences spasms

Broken glass plates

Combine to form hollow prisms

Within me only I tread

To collect pieces—ambitious bangles once

Grains of sorrow

Coloured beads –dormant in the corner

When circumstances go on tilting me

Inordinate designs –the inward eye sees

Design changes when beads roll

The prism plays a crucial role

I wonder over

The combinations residing in me

Sorrow multiplies to produce

A design of happiness attractive

Kaleidoscopic gift

Keeps the statue alive

8 comments on “Kaleidoscope”

  1. sunburned     October 29, 2017

    informative, as well as colorful

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 29, 2017

      Thanks a lot for your nice review.

  2. Stella V     October 29, 2017

    The prism — Kaleidoscopic gift!! — Awesome Adhav!!
    Beautiful Poem!! — Love it!!

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 29, 2017

      Many thanks Dear Stella for your fantastic review and wonderful comment!

  3. Grace Ester     October 29, 2017

    Awesome write! Love the figurative aspect of it. 5 stars!

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 29, 2017

      Thanks a million Ester for your Graceful comment!! Your feedback is always inspirational.—I appreciate it !!!

  4. elvis sinatra     October 29, 2017

    Eye popping
    & Jaw dropping!

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     October 30, 2017

      Thanks Sinatra for your nice comment !!

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