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Mary! Will You Marry Me ?

Date Written: November 3, 2017

Mary! Will You Marry Me?


Mary! Will you marry me?

On a green pasture

Merriment you and me

With clasped hands

That passionate rapport

Through melodious words

Your whole hearted support

When we would walk along

With steps long

Bluish scarlet sky

For it, we would forever long

We’d win gardens

And plants therein

We’d win colourful flowers

And black bees therein

Winners we; our win-win attitude

Would raise our love to high altitude

Gentle breezes would refresh our breaths

Our hearts garlanded with wreaths

Mary! Our knot nuptial silky

Would brighten way milky

Mary! Our joy would generate

Our world own

In the cosmos vast

Love seeds would be sown

Mary! Will you marry me?

To speak love, to reap love

To breath love, to live love

Love, love and love!

2 comments on “Mary! Will You Marry Me ?”

  1. sunburned     November 3, 2017

    Very well stated,kudos poet

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     November 3, 2017

      Thanks a lot for your nice comment !

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