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To Sir With Love

Date Written: September 6, 2017


To Sir with Love


I was walking along the street

 I had an unexpected meet

 Stranger she alighted from her vehicle

 Came before me as a miracle

 Sir, you recognized me?

 No! I said, you’re quite stranger to me

 I am an IAS officer working in the government office

Thirty years back you lifted me Just like lamb, caressing its fleece

 I still remember

You used to come to our Tanda {Tribal Camp}

 And amazing was your funda

 You used to lift us girls to your shoulder

 And take to the school

 Never had we known that you were our future molder,

 Our illiterate parents used to oppose you

 As you were grabbing their earning hands

 But on your mind, our future strewn on the sands

 Our footprints on the sands of Time

Forever on your mind I still do remember that crucial moment

 You made my aggressive mother silent

 She gave you bad words and abused

“You’re snatching away our earning hands, by taking her to the school,

Think of our empty stomach, you fool!”

 You also retaliated

“You, mad woman! Think not empty stomach, any fool could fill it!

 Think swollen elated chest

That would surprise the world rest

 Do you know? Your daughter is precious sapphire

 I can see within her burning fire

Let go of her to school

She would be your assuring tool—–,”

 Your prophecy came true absolutely

 Rose I to this position fantastically

The lamb you lifted up became flagship

 Dear Teacher! Salute to your role as lovable sheep

 Sir, on the eve of Teachers’ Day

 Please accept with love this flower rose

In my life’s wonderful book

 You have written golden poetry and prose    

3 comments on “To Sir With Love”

  1. Stella V     September 6, 2017

    Teachers Day– To all the good ones out there– Nice tribute Adhav!!
    Splendid poetry!!
    Well Crafted Writing.. As Always!!

    1. Subhashchandra B Adhav     September 8, 2017

      Many thanks Stella for your wonderful review and encouraging comment.

  2. Uma Natarajan     September 6, 2017

    Great poem as usual Splendid and apt it is a real golden poem shared

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