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White Cane Safety Day

Date Written: October 15, 2017

White Cane Safety Day


Blindness is destiny’s bane

However boon like helps white cane

The blind wades his way through darkness

The white cane supports him with firmness


The blind also can find his own way

Reminds us White Cane Safety Way

15th October is proclaimed as the very day

It’s also called Blind Americans Equality Day


We’ve sight but no genuine vision

We’re caught up in illusion

However the blind has an awesome vision

He can see beyond stipulated horizon


Be it dark night or bright day

For the blind, it is always dark day

With staunch grit he faces the dark day

Smile of the blind makes our day



White cane is the symbol of hope

With odds it teaches to cope

To dark thoughts it says Nay! Nope!

In life’s dark ocean, it is the Cape of Good Hope!!

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