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Date Written: November 7, 2017


 A brave little girl

She came without knowing where has she came

Thousands of questions

Why she came, who sent, what to do and so on.


Designed, dressed & directed by others,

With several rules and regulations

Never questioned why since from birth

As if a sin to be girl, she might have thought

Why so, never interrogate…

Never ever, only accepted

Acceptance became her life

Life controlled by the choice of others

Simply grabbed whatever given

No demands, no expectations, nothing at all

But still blamed and accused…

As a human being, always needed soft shelter of love and affection

Wherever she got, she ran there

Never questioned why she moved

Never thought why she left

Never thought right or wrong

Just did for getting affection

She became wrong as she heard her heart

She was abused, as she trusted so blindly..

Never thought why?


She believed the world since birth

Starting from parents shelter to death

Only trusted again and again

Yes, she was broken, not for once but for more

Never afraid to be broken

Always opened her arms without fear,

As a child shows hands to take off

Then why sometime that solitude

Why afraid, why that fear, why such anger and why that punishment

Just ask yourself

Have you asked when you born

Have you asked before showing hands to fly over

Have you got afraid of crying when you got birth

Have you stopped smiling when you heard a joke

Then why stopped for such society..


It’s that supreme creation who taught us since our birth…

It’s that energy that flows in our blood…

It’s those dynamics which pushes to get out…

It’s that essence which provides fragrance of rose…

It’s that power which enliven us to live more…


Have you forgot your childhood

When you dreamed to be a strong woman

Not necessary to be beautiful

But to be intelligent

Not planned to wear jewellery

But to talk smartly

Not thought to dress up western or traditional

But imagined to look awesome

Never thought for cosmetics

But dreamed to be beautiful and strong

Never thought to get compliments

As she knew that she is already beautiful, not by look but by gesture


Why you forgot that, women within you

But still that little girl trust within you..

Still that hope is burning to be fired…

Free from boundaries of religion, gender, caste, creed and colour….


She was born as a lioness,

Why you made her a cat for such fear

If that time you was not afraid,

Then why Now?

You were child but with burning fire,

Why that fire blows down with restrictions…


It’s time to remember

Remember your childhood dreams

How you wanted to look like?

No need to get compliments from others

No need to need anyone for live

You’re self sufficient power

You’re capable to generate a new life

You’re enough for everything

You’re enough for all worldly pleasure

Don’t think you are too much….


You’re precious

You’re loved and adored in that living creation

You deserve the best Not the least..

Let’s burn every scary pages that became a obstacle

No need to think what others will say

Just trust yourself


Let’s love yourself

Let’s set that lioness free from perimeters

Let’s break all the boundaries of fear


It’s time to  Free

It’s time to breath

It’s time to inhale our present, exhale our past and breath our future

It’s time to explore the nature

It’s  time to be united with the creation

It’s time to smile without fear

It’s time to live again….


Let’s live and remember that lioness in you…


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