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Yes, It’s the Life

Date Written: November 7, 2017

                                                Yes, it’s the Life


Yes, it’s the Life

The crafts of nature and butter of flies

Having unlimited dreams which never dies

Crawling under the beneath of the trees

But still in suffering and curving the lights

Yes, it’s the Life


All the gloomy and threatening sunrise

Rushing like weaken urge of sun site

Playing and buffering like the Website

Stopping by asking the questions which has no despite


Yes, it’s the Life

New hope and dreams are coming like vines

Engulfing the precious coherence like spines

Cutting and roughing the surface of plane like crimes

Still fighting to get out from primes.


Yes, it’s the Life

Driving the process like sustaining the lines

Coming over and over to find its sight

Burning like flame, but still shows smile

Baffling like weapon, but trying to rise 


Yes, it’s the Life

Yes, it’s the Life

Comparing others without seeing insights

Drawing faces without knowing designs

Crafting crafts without having cuttings

Mesmerizing the moments without smiles


Yes, it’s the Life

Affiliated towards division of own sight

Memorizing  the music as wondering the cur lives


Stand alone to show the courage

Stand alone to say not to afraid

Stand alone to fight for the survive

Stand alone to display your right

Stand alone to conquer your dreams

Stand alone to love yourself unlimited

Stand alone to curve the curve of life in a curvy mode


Still having confidence and faith to achieve 

The pleasure of charming smile in the roofs of parent’s face

Still fighting to get and definitely will be


All I want to say is never leave to live the life


 Yes, it’s the Life




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