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Broken Consequences

Date Written: November 2, 2017

You have left me scarred,

when you repeatedly crushed me with your words.

Caring is important, yet you don't bear me a single glance.

Never being cared for, it messes you up,

consequences of never being cared for leaves you cold,

these things get in the way of life and block the light out of your life.

Open yourself up, I dare you, I believe you'll be suprised.

The people around you will change you for better or for worse,

don't build a wall, old habbits are not easily broken, but don't take a step away.

Come toward the light and do not stray, don't close your eyes, I'm right here.

When you do open your eyes, I'll still be right here, you won't have to lose anyone else.

Just don't push us away.  We won't leave you alone. I believe in you.

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