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La una

Date Written: November 11, 2017


The morning light fills my eyes

And the hope to see you anew

Your face glows like the evening skies

And how you were brought to me, I never knew


Every word from your lips is sweet honey

Every look you give me is lightning to my heart

Your embrace makes my soul rest easy

As God’s hands made you, He created marvelous art


Every tiny thing you do

How your hair falls about you

Your light shines right through

And I know this love is true


You are my sun and my breeze

The wind that whispers in my ears

The voice that calms the angry seas

And the girl that stifles my fears

The girl that walks my dreams

She who I see in the dawn, shimmering

The warmth in the sun’s beams

The one who keeps me going

One comment on “La una”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 11, 2017

    beautiful, with sincere loving lines
    I loved it…

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