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Date Written: September 2, 2017

No one Really knows how I feel.
When I had to wake up every morning to take a pill.
Just to help me make it through the day.
But add wouldn't stay away.
My therapist told me that she was gonna up my dose.
Seems like she always doing that to me, that must be all she knows.
Everytime I look at my therapists eyes.
I always told her that I would be fine if I could just die.
She said son don't you ever say that to me. 
Why not? The shit you keep giving me is never gonna help. How can you think that? You just gotta believe.
Why should I believe you? Just because you have a p.h.d. ?
You have No idea what I have to go through day after day. Do you even hear me?
I doubt anything and everything you tell me. 
Step in my shoes for a day than you can diagnose me.
Everything I do is obsessive and compulsive.
I can't even think straight what even is the point to live. 
Oh wait if I say that to you again, you're just going to label my with depression.
You like telling these kids those types of things. Is that your obsession?
Now you ask me about my past.
And I tell you everything from first to last.
I told you things I would never tell nobody else. 
Remember the time I told you my Brother held a knife up to himself?
Remember the time I told you that my father was abusive and told me I wasn't his son?
You think I told you these things because you thought it would be fun?
Here you go labeling me again please tell me more.
Saying I have post traumatic stress disorder.
"Think about that before you say it.
We all go through hard times in life, but sometimes you have to slay it."
Everytime you bring up what I have.
It just makes it worse and you know that.
How can I keep telling you about my life.
She said this to me "we can pick back up on this next week. I have another kid coming in to tell me some things that I may be able to help with." yeah I know, just leave me. I'm use to it. Everywhere I go and everyone I see just tells me the same thing and this is with I don't believe. In therapy.

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