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Date Written: October 16, 2017



They start out so helpless, fragile and small, their eyes looking with amazement at the wonder of it all, wanting for nothing but a change, bottle or to play with a toy, oh what a feeling when they looked up to us with such excitement and joy, But there were fussy times, from fear, a need or just being sad, Then we were there to comfort them, they needed us, their mom and their dad, then weeks would go by as they got stronger, holding up their heads on their own longer and longer, then weeks turned to months as they began to crawl, so curious as they moved about exploring it all, then when pulling themselves up they would wobble and rock, as they endeavored the task of learning to walk, then we knew the race would be on, we knew what this would bring, always on our toes as they were into everything, then wishing them older, to understand the word no, at  the time not realizing at the speed they would grow, then all of a sudden they were heading to school, it was a little sad but also exciting and cool, learning shapes, colors and ABC's, how to share, play nice, and their one two three's, but time is one thing that doesn't hold back, next thing we knew it was spelling, reading and math, now looking back how time has flown by, eight, eleven, and twelve, in what seemed the blink of an eye, before we know it they will be grown and though it will be sad, at least we can say we were a good mom and dad, so cherish those days when they need you so much, because just like that they will be all grown up!



                                                                                                                                                –Tanner R. Cornwell


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  1. Icarus     October 16, 2017

    WOW that’s so true and amazingly written!!!!

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