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Date Written: September 4, 2017

When it's night and you're led astray by the stars
Watching the eons passing by
Astral streams of yore
Flowing free through the tapestry of lives
Swans dancing in the universes's white pages
Painting arabesques for father and son

Reaching the ocean's heart
And the meadows of light so far above
Surrounded by the white sands of eternity
If only I could bear the beauty
To contemplate the love between sun and moon

Autumns's leaves kissing the river skin
During the winter no warm caress
Loneliness through the night
In the Last Day eve
A statue cried for its dying fate

Ever told the story of life
Where a man can die and be reborn
To wander dead plains again
And travel with the universe to the fore-end
Of the everlasting game

I cannot hear their laments
Only a nocturnal wish
The heart's desire
And a guiding hand
To write the poet's heart

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by Terence Pedro
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