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Second Childhood

Date Written: September 9, 2017

Why so angry all the time?

You only hear screaming, crying, yelling, shouting

But you’ve never heard of love in that house

The house where the old man lives

The smallest things drive him so crazy

And so does everyone in this world


By not turning the lights off,

By not flushing the toilet properly,

By not wearing slippers,

For that’s the reason why people are sick

By not speaking loudly enough,

By talking while he watches TV,

By not closing the kitchen door, 

For the cat will go there

By saying what you think,

By not saying what you think,

By staying up too late,

For you will be tired tomorrow


Everyone’s wondering

If the bitterness,

The angriness,

Hides in the color gray

Or in the number 70

In the teeth replacement

Or in the newspaper he reads all the time


Where did the young spirit go

It disappeared for good

He lost it on the way

To the impotency of the second childhood

He can’t find it now

For his glasses aren’t strong enough


One comment on “Second Childhood”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 9, 2017

    Disappearance of child hood
    A good poem
    Well explained

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