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The Judge

Date Written: November 9, 2017

Accused and accuser, a battle for life, 
Abused and abuser, a husband and wife, 
Thieves and robbers, the unjust takers, 
Pushers, druggies, and even drug makers,

Quickly, I decide the fates of these, 
The server of justice, respect me please, 
I try my best to serve with skill, 
To protect the public from those that kill,

Justice is not so cut and dried, 
Letter of law before each case tried, 
Some guilty go free in this court of mine, 
Others are released with only a fine,

Stacks of papers, stories to tell, 
Left to me to judge them well, 
Pros and cons, wrongs and rights, 
As I listen to lawyers’ fights,

Restitution for damages, punishment for crime, 
Fault being corrected by the serving of time, 
Hours to contemplate how life went astray, 
Freedom restricted and fines to pay,

Equality in justice, fairness to all, 
Innocent till guilty, no time to stall, 
How can we be sure that I’m fair and just, 
There’s only one way, In God we tru$t.

One comment on “The Judge”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 10, 2017

    modern day ju$tice system is more complex than ever
    good to read of your experiences in a non B/W environment
    I loved it…

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Image The Judge Accused and accuser, a battle for life, Abused and abuser, a…
by Thad Tietsort
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