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I don’t know

Date Written: October 26, 2017


I don’t know what to write

How to become bright in other’s sight?

I don’t know how to recite my sight in words

Nor to express them in Herd

People say be who You are

But what they don’t know

I am on a War

Which can neither be won nor lost-

I want to run I want to fly

And Sometimes even cry

I want to simplify my thoughts–

I don’t Want to try

I don’t Want to ask why

but I don’t Want to say Goodbye—

I just want to be simple and even smile

So,I sat down with my thought

and I start to write story of my sight

In which one Bright soul from a whole try

Try to shine in the World

With his thought that can’t curled–

No words after this thought

I can't write of what I never got,

Can’t forget it cannot be real

Can’t forget about my Deal,

What deal you might ask

I just don’t know what answer to pass,

All the Distraction make me lose my sight

I think I just can't be Bright

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