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Footsteps On The Staircase

Date Written: October 12, 2017

Footsteps On The Staircase


Hearing footsteps on the staircase

a young boy is silent in his room,

only moonlight from the window

brightens the darkness and gloom.

His heart beats fast, fear increases

as an angry father opens the door,

staggering drunkenly towards him

to inflict violent cruelty once more.


He packs a bag with some clothes

leaving home in the quiet of night,

stepping out into the cold darkness

hoping he won’t be missed till light.

It’s not so much the pain and bruises

more that he just can’t understand,

how one man can change so much

with a glass of alcohol in his hand.


After months of living on the streets

a stranger came and sat by his side,

knowing his name and who he was

he told him he no longer should hide.

Telling him he knew from someone

all that happened would now cease

his father had gone, never to return

so home was now a place of peace.


The rising sun glows in his room

and he glances over to the door,

everything there still reminds him

of the things that happened before.

Carrying a bag with some clothes

he leaves in the morning light,

his mother reads the note he left

as she wakes from a restless night.


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