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Date Written: September 14, 2017

My heart is a Garnet stone

Turned cold by her vultures.

Am in an impossible situation

I know you'll run once you know my true feelings

But am also a man prone to

Doing stupid things

But am deeply and madly in love with you

I feel that in my heart every hour and every day

I have tried to bury it

But can't lay it down

Love is often spoken

But suddenly found

And I found it with you

I am an emotionless being

Even the scars on her face

Her bleeding heart

Her rough edges that have been turned smooth

By the burning darts of the Goddess of love

They are music to my ears

What an enchanting sorrow

I am her worst nightmare

I am her favourite daydream

I am her most beautiful regret

Isn’t it better to Love than carry pain

Love isn't perfect

But it isn't blind either

It sees with much clarity than you and I

But human imperfections cloud love

How could I ask a butterfly not to flap it's wings

So when you're ready to accept me I’ll be here waiting

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