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Fallen in love with autumn and spring

Date Written: October 13, 2017

Love always clings in our mind

As personally I rewind

Rather in our heart 

It creates a chart

My perception differs

I am a lover of nature 

I observe it through mind

So to me falling in love needs mind

I try to catch nature's each action

Through lense's aperture in seconds fraction

Be it a river, or a hill

Creating some thrill

Or Valley or mountain 

With all falls and fountain 

Or flowers and fruits

To appreciate their beauty and taste

Weather or season

The moon and the sun

I fall in love with them


2 comments on “Fallen in love with autumn and spring”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 13, 2017

    nature captures heart
    romantic love captures mind
    I love your poem.

  2. Sonia Crt     October 13, 2017

    i love your love towards the nature Uma mam..
    beautiful poem…
    i respect you and your love towards the nature…because i like those people who love nature and value of its resources

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