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Near the sea and sand

Date Written: September 21, 2017

Behind miles of space near the sea

I stand with absolute charm and glee

No tiny roads here, all sands lying


Mind is not me tallied in mist

No distress appear and interrupt

Just vast sea and sand deck

Smudge picture of empty space come and wreck 

Sunken sun in the evening fosdilizes

Behind the ocean 

​​​​​​​And the moon Illumine background mountains


3 comments on “Near the sea and sand”

  1. Lousinda     September 21, 2017

    Don’t quite understand it but I’m sure it means something to you. Thank you for sharing

  2. sunburned     September 21, 2017


  3. Joeys Wonder Girl     September 22, 2017

    Ammaaazing poem, wow!! 🙂

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