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The contours of mystery

Date Written: September 8, 2017

Puzzled I stand look around. 

My eyes wander and join to find

Contours of mystery hidden under thought's blankets

Some special forgotten movements

Arise questions to roam in mind's Pavements

My eyes constantly search for those marvelous images

Captivated by them they move

Often drench in imaginations storm

Then I search them in dust's gloom 

But fail as mystery is mysterious 

2 comments on “The contours of mystery”

  1. comnpkpillai     September 8, 2017

    Fail mystery as mysterious?

  2. Jawahar Gupta     September 8, 2017

    the poem tells about the mystery of history
    I find compelling in my mind, Arise questions to roam in mind’s Pavements
    This poem made me feel and to remember those Some special forgotten movements
    My favorite line is My eyes wander and join to find___ because ___ Learning is a life time process.
    The rhythm of your lines and spaces is great, they make me feel to sing loudly
    One line I stumbled on is Contours of mystery hidden under thought’s blankets, maybe rephrase to ___
    I wish it was longer to explain the gloom and to change into happy note
    ~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
    It felt conversational or long-winded, sharing your message with as view words as possible would make it more powerful

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