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The soul is free while watching the nature

Date Written: October 25, 2017

Soul is all free while watching the nature

Behaves totally mature

A rainbow suddenly scatters forming an arch in the sky

The colored birds that fly

Nature is endowed with splendor 

Making us wonder

Petals of innocent flowers 

Sanguinely stare with its bowers 

Flowers spread their fragrance even in the vacuity of night

And darkness loosens their cascading tresses

Attached to the string of branches

That takes perfect care

Mountains stand as barriers against foes

Rivers flow wetting the toes 

Moon appear with starry sky

Sun rises in crimson tinge and fly

Soul relishes nature and disperse 


One comment on “The soul is free while watching the nature”

  1. Bongani     October 25, 2017

    What an excellent poem I`ve ever heard,
    your words refreshes my mind, and my
    soul feels free and rejoices over the blue sky,
    oh, the perfection of your creative art glows
    with splendor…well done.

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