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Your hands in mine

Date Written: November 9, 2017

I can climb the mountain 

Catch the fountain 

With your holding my hand

Entangled fingers joined grand

Can cross many gateways

And find comfortable ways

Your touch would give me energy

Sweeping of bitter synergy 

My old aged wrinkled hands

 Would strengthen like band

I would feel composed






2 comments on “Your hands in mine”

  1. Bongani     November 9, 2017

    Wow! what a lovely poem in deed, I loved the rhymes you used
    in your lines…what a sweet expression of romance I felt there.

    You see through support… like hands joining their forces togeher,
    nothing can defeat us… we will always succeed even when the pressure attempts
    to devide our chained bond.

    #brilliantly penned.

    Lots of smiles.

  2. Alluminous     November 9, 2017

    I love the way this is written to depict composition in such a lyrical way of song. Enjoyed reading this. Have a great day!

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