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Along The River

Date Written: September 25, 2017

Slowly knotting roses into my hair
as I sat in the sun when You quietly
slid behind me and put Your hand on my waist,
startling me, the sharp intake of breath because I
could feel You. I turned savouring the feeling of
Your hand sliding around my waist. It was the
light radiating from You ~ or was it the Sun ~ that
made me feel like I was experiencing Divinity.
The air bent and shaped around us as we started
to walk. Clouds moved in the sky and crepuscules of
light graced You in counterpoint as we walked ~ I
think they were jealous of the way You radiated.
You held my hand as we walked to the river, but You
were really holding my heart, lifting it in a tide of
emotion. A thousand sighs escaped my lips as we
stopped and watched the barge pass on the river.
Words wouldn’ form yet there was something about
the intimacy of standing hand in hand and heart in
heart entangled in each other. It was impossible to
deny the fire that was tearing through us. Straight
through us to the bone. Shared breathlessness leaving
my insides quaking like a cloud after a thunderstorm,
wrung dry until a rainbow bursts forth. Your hands
began to softly strum me like a lute.
Plucking the sweetest notes like a blue ocean at
midnight or a bird gently soaring in the sky. Notes of
a forgotten hymn of long ago soothing my fears and
turning my insides to wildfire at the same time. Your
gentle embrace. Your kiss. I was lost a thousand times
over with You reaching out as my guide every time I felt
the slightest feeling of falling over the precipice. You
peeled away my shy the moment our lips brushed
exposing the hidden soft inside me. Blood swollen and
rising in synrchronous orbit of our hearts. Falling into
ecstasy. Falling into love. Falling into immorality.
Falling into the aftermath of carnal desires that
erupted from centuries of desire. And in the moment.
Connected. Worship. Communion of each other.
Engraved in the stardust we were created from.
I understood the mystical. The Divine.
The unexplained that God so deftly crafted in this universe.
And I knew ~ we would recognise each other through lifetimes.
That we had loved before. That we loved now.
And that we will always gravitate to each other.
In that moment touched by Heaven a thousand times over
the revelation that we had left our fingerprints on each other’s hearts.
That without each other there is something missing
~ but together ~
we are just right.

2 comments on “Along The River”

  1. Sonja Carnes     September 25, 2017

    Excellent reading

    1. ValentyneDreams     September 28, 2017

      Thank you.

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