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And So It Goes

Date Written: October 15, 2017

Your palms cupping my face,
pulling me into You, kissing me,
a few minutes, a few hours, we
could stay in each other’s arms
for days.
You and I.
Aware of only each other, the world
surrounding us blotted out, faded
to mist, and nothing else matters,
kisses laced with honey, hands
moving gently, exploring, craving.
You and I.
Kissing until the space between us
has evaporated, the air is swollen
with kisses, longing to burst, pulsing
like thunderclouds with lightning
rippling through them. The dip of
my breath, the gasps of pleasure in
Yours. My fingers tracing pathways
along Your skin, Your fingers bringing
me to life.
You and I.
Holding each other, tangled in each
other, kissing, how the feeling of You
blends into the feeling of me. How You
tangle Your fingers in my hair, how I
stroke mine through Yours. How You
cup my neck, gently but with a firmness
absorbing my vulnerability, my fragile,
my broken with Your strength.
You and I.
Kissing for days, maybe it’s only hours,
but it feels like eternity, it feels like Heaven,
it feels like this is what paradise is. What
ecstasy begins with, what intoxication really
means. Hours that are days, that could be
weeks, that biblically would be centuries.
Only pausing for breaths. Skin on skin.
You and I.
Filling the spaces between, folding the
corners of the map together until there
is nothing between us. Pressed together.
Merged. In communion with each other,
in worship of each other, in adoration,
Holy desire spilling onto the sheets.
The cravings that were eating us alive
sated, if only for a moment, then overwhelming
in waves, over and over, crashing onto
the shore.
You and I.
Kissing until the kisses begin to spill
over, pouring into the fulfillment of
forbidden fantasies, granting Your
every desire, through instinct, not
language, Your lips on mine, My lips
on Yours, Hands straying, then lips,
then blessings of pleasure, over and
over, hour after hour, suspended in
You and I.
Absolution through Holy love.

And so it goes.
And so it goes.
And so it goes.

One comment on “And So It Goes”

  1. River.Ophelia     October 18, 2017

    beautifully written, Valentyna
    I loved it

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