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If You Only Knew

Date Written: September 26, 2017

If You only knew~
I still hold on to the sunshine You placed in my heart.

If You only knew~
The way I linger on bridges, waiting, aching to hear Your
approaching footsteps and feel Your hand touch my waist.

If You only knew~
How I wait for You as I sip my coffee, in reverent prayer
that You will run Your fingers along my neck as You sit
down to radiate my life as I memorise Your hands,
Your eyes, the way Your lips move as You speak to me
even in casual conversation.

If You only knew~
I re-read Your letters in late hours of the night,
slowly drinking in each word as they caress my heart
as they did when I first fell in love with You.

If You only knew~
Every word I write has Your heartbeat embedded in it.

If You only knew~
How music reminds me of You,
notes of shared songs that embedded in my soul
evoking emotions associated with You.

If You only knew~
How my fingers touch the keys of the piano
in hymns of praise dedicated to You,
emotions flowing so deeply through each note
the composers would kneel in reverence to my adulation of You.

If You only knew~
The way the sound of Your name makes me smile,
even in random places where I know You couldn’t be,
each letter fills my soul with such rapture.
I covet those moments.

If You only knew~
The way my body uncurls like a cat and I sigh in happiness in
little moments shared with You, how I crave them so.

If You only knew~
The way I alter my day in hopes of sharing time with You.
How I wait in longing for the moment I will press my body against Yours.
For in that moment we will share Heaven.

If You only knew. If You only knew. If You only knew.

2 comments on “If You Only Knew”

  1. JSeulingD     September 26, 2017

    I can relate to this soo much. thank you.

    1. ValentyneDreams     September 28, 2017

      Thank you.

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