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Date Written: September 21, 2017

It would be really lovely
if we could just run away together,
You and I
away from the cacophony,
away from the inability to communicate,
away from the stifled words I hold back.
Somewhere where I could just tell You
the things I need to say, without the fear
of the world creeping in.
A place where You could hold my hand,
touch my hair, wipe away my fears in a glance.
Where I could pick flowers for You as You read~
or perhaps just point them out because I fret
at tearing them from the spot they grow in.
For like that flower, I am scared of being torn
out of the ground by the roots by the world.
Words taken in by strange eyes and strange
hands holding them until the discomfort
permeates them and gets underneath my skin.
Take me to a place where I don’t have to fear
my inadequate words are unable to convey
how I love You,
how I would never leave You,
how You soothe my soul with the slightest thing.
There, that place, You and I together,
where we can share coffee, or tea, or a drink
with books and music (and my piano), and
a few sweets even though You are the sweetest
thing I can think of. Far more delightful than
any chocolate or candies is the taste of Your kiss.
Somewhere we can lie in bed in each other’s arms
and share our dreams until the sun paints them
in watercolours before our eyes and the stars
light a blushing path as they witness our love.
Run away with me ~ even for a moment.
For in that moment, I will live a treasured
eternity. Sealed in an enchanted kiss.
Take my hand,
let me show You the inside of my soul,
just You and I.

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