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A Last Dance with Death

Date Written: November 9, 2017


by Warren Culinary


Have you ever thought,
of a question that's odd,
it's a soon-to-be debt,
called a Dance with Death.

Have you ever tried dancing?
You must have at least once,
because here's a secret,
to me it's just a big fuss.

But there's one type of dance,
a dance that only few play,
a dangerous dance,
one that was never meant to be made.

This dance influences the sorrow,
a dance not seen in the norm,
you dance by the steps,
and you'll *live* to perform.

A dance difficult to perform,
but its steps easy to understand,
what makes this dance different,
from the dances of the land?

It begins with the hands,
the uses of gestures,
make sure to sway along,
like the flow of a river.

And as you progress into the dance,
you find yourself in a trance,
getting deep into your soul,
you unwillingly ask for more.

The dance is taking you in,
pulling you into its grasp,
don't get tired,
or you'll have a long *nap*

Your head begins to throb,
the dance becomes intense,
thoughts pour into your head,
can you handle the stress?

You see images of death,
images of suicide,
will you keep to the groove,
to keep you alive?

Are you afriad now?
You are starting to panic,
what have i done?
this dance is erratic!

Erratic you say?
But you are very wrong,
this dance has a purpose,
to see where you belong.

The music's getting louder,
you begin to dance with pace,
as if you knew every step,
you can tell fright was on your face.

You clapped along the beat,
swayed with the melody,
you were practically a dancer,
a dancer with anxiety.

You were getting tired,
you were fatigued,
you can't control your body,
you were diseased.

The music starts to fade,
your motions start to calm,
is the dance coming to an end?
To make me embalmed?

Like a torture of indefinite pain,
you feel slits around your neck,
but when you look on your shirt,
you see no blood to be checked.

You feel bones breaking after,
in the bottom of your legs,
you harshly fell onto the floor,
you just wanted to be dead.

And like a wish come true,
your heart stops in a beat,
your body lays flat,
on the cold concrete.

As the music fades away,
the birds come chirping,
the rooster start to crow,
symbolizing the morning.

The day starts anew,
as if nothing happened,
your body is disregarded,
this wasn't what you imagined.

Then Death arrives before you,
to greet your dead body,
he brings up his scythe,
to end you happily.

"You've come a long way,
to play a rare dance,
i'll see you at my domain,
greet you at the entrance."

Now you see why,
why you don't dance with me,
but if it's death you want,
then this service is free.

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