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An Odd Company of Loneliness

Date Written: November 12, 2017

The Odd Company of Loneliness

by Warren Culinary


There's different people in the world,
there's two in fact,
one is the complex
the other abstract.

The world doesn't explain much,
you have to explore,
we all have our ways,
to be a lot more.

Remember abstract and complex?
Have you guessed who they are,
it might be a little difficult,
but you'll eventually be par.

When we think of loneliness,
it gives us this eerie feeling,
of being isolated,
it's usually unappealing.

But there are different people,
who enjoy this isolation,
but to a person's glance,
they think they need medication.

And i believe that is great,
to have something that differs,
it changes all of us,
and that's what really matters.

People tend to ignore,
the feeling of solitary,
they believe it is negative,
but to some it is blossomy.

This human emotion,
it truly dazzles me,
how a person reacts,
to this odd company.

Some people find it their happiness,
to the point it changes them,
the lack of social interaction,
it brings them to a realm.

Does this feeling cause a person,
to be mentally insane?
To some yes but if managed,
it can be your best domain.

When a person builds his feelings,
he becomes one with the emotion,
it's amazing how humans,
adapt to this affection.

A person of this type has a name,
he is called an Introvert,
you may have not heard this name,
because they prefer to be a covert.

Many reasons lie ahead,
why they want to be shut away,
it's sometimes related to sadness,
it's something they don't relay.

Sources of this company have two,
from which i have observed,
it starts with interests,
or just plain happiness.

These human emotions are spectacular,
they changed us so dearly,
sometimes they're so strong,
it changes us permanently.

Perhaps I could've changed too,
like a different reality,
there are just some things,
not meant for my comfortability.

Many things have changed my life,
many things have contributed,
it has developed who i am,
sometimes i wish i averted.

But that is the power of emotion,
this odd company,
it has become my dearest friend,
i hold so fondly.

The time has come to end,
we will meet again,
perhaps it is your time,
to find your happy end.


I am glad you heard my story,
i'm looking forward to hear yours, my friend.

2 comments on “An Odd Company of Loneliness”

  1. River.Ophelia     November 12, 2017

    introverts are often reflective, contemplative and sensitive … all good qualities 🙂
    good rhyming story
    I liked it…

    1. Warren Pulmonary     November 13, 2017

      mhmm, its kinda hard for someone like me to be social, so i just write poems about my personality and probably give it to them someday xD Thanks for reading ^^

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