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The Untamed Love

Date Written: September 22, 2017

Young and energetic, proudly an adult, anxious to take it all
Free from nature and childhood, the cockpit was his control
Ready to experience love and all what life had to offer
Young and naive, believed on opportunity meeting readiness

During the Cancer sign reign, a cold season in the equatorial
In the midst of the gloomy season a sense of warmth filled his heart
As he waited by the street, his heart almost breaking out its cage

In the crowded street, reality confirmed her presence

A flower blossoming in spring setting a warm mood to the garden
Her beauty carried a spell he couldn't resist, this was it for him
Love maturing like fine wine, he trusted the euphoric sensations
She loved the Spice in her taste, the glow was better than growth

He believed that opportunity knocks at everyone's door
She believed in the thought of love neglecting the mystery in it

He fought for the loyalty for the selfishness, blinded by the comfort
Intoxicated by the reality in life, fighting like a wounded lion

The growth in the beauty stained by pride. Truly a wounded pride
Soon the cancer reign came again, the cold confirmed its superiority
Frozen by the reality the flower hid its beauty from interest.
The love brewed became toxic  to his beliefs, watching it as it withers

Some birds are too beautiful to cage, he understood as the clear skies emerged
For her love wasn't enough, she wanted the magic and the dime in it
The cold season took its warmth and magic, leaving behind its effect

Heart iced and stuck, frozen by the coldness, mocked by what's true

As the sun rises, it carried again the cancer reign from the horizon
As he watched the splendor that spreads all over the eastern
It brought to him a new age, another year older, another love
The atmosphere was cold his heart warmed up by experiences

As the flowers withered due to the cold season approaching
He appreciated the growth in him, he understood true beauty in life
The cockpit is just a small part of a plane other parts are essential for flight to

Young and naive believed on opportunity meeting readiness.
The end.

Pascal Waweru

Nairobi, Kenya


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