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No Less Than The Stars

Date Written: September 15, 2017


In my life there's was always a starless sky.

I spent from sundown to sunrise searching for specks of light to follow.

Somedays I found some others I saw fall.

But everyone of them held purpose in my heart.

And I vowed that even when they fell from sight or there light no longer shown, that I would be there.

Even if I kept my distances.

One day when my own lights had dulled I met a star who lit my night sky.

Who burned brighter than any other.

She was the longest of the stars to guide me but when she fell,

I made a wish to find someone who burned bright who I couldn't break

But I didn't.

Instead I found a star who flickered.

Ever so close to burning out but fighting to light a path.

Everyday was a new adventure, every hour a new worry of him falling.

For every time I grew brighter I watched his go darker,

and I was so afraid he would burn out and never again put the light in my eyes. The darkest stars burn the brightest for the ones that needed it.

I fell for this struggling star.

Who hid stories in his eyes but was too distant to let me in.

I'm the reason he burned out.

And when he fell from my life when his love that was promised faded,

even my brightest stars never looked the same.

My sky was once again black as I pushed them away.

I am the reason he fell.

I pulled the light from him until there was nothing left because I was too afraid to be there and light his path.

So I hold a new vow.

For every star that welcomes into my life I will make grow brighter.

To make never fall again.

If you were in my sky once again,

I would burn out to see you rise far beyond the others.

To light a path for anyone near.

To no longer flicker until you fall.

When you fell from my night sky.

My star in me died as well.

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