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Secrets (Sensitive topic)

Date Written: September 15, 2017


When I was eight years old I thought I was safe.

You told me I was safe! that it was okay to trust you.

But now that I'm eighteen I trust so few

You told me things would be okay that it wouldn't hurt.

So how come I fear every time someone simply flirts.

I was too young to understand the sin of where your hands touched me.

It was as if I was drowning in a frozen sea

Like barbed wire around my throat I couldn't breath.

For every time I would scream you just pressed the barbs farther.

You just smiled watching my eyes go darker.

How could you tell me it was okay!

when you saw my innocence slowly decay!

Trailing your fingers along my thigh

Knowing no ones was nearby.

I told you “no” time after time. But you never listened to my cries.

Now when someone touches my skin

All I can think about is your fucking grin!

You did more then break me those days in that house.

You murdered me.

Not with a knife, or a gun, or a drug

But with nothing more than a start of a hug.

I'm eighteen now and I still taste the blood.

As you forced it down, choking me with what broke me.

I should have told you “no” one more time or yelled louder for you to stop!

No instead you used me like a playful prop..

The scars have healed but not the ones in my soul.

So here I am losing all self control.

One comment on “Secrets (Sensitive topic)”

  1. azzow2     September 15, 2017

    There is solas in your own constitution. I hope the looser that did this felt the bite of karma.

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