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How Many Have You Met

Date Written: October 2, 2017

Awakening to light, I remember your name.

It rings in my ears, tempting them frivolously.

My past pining for that name I repudiate.

Instead I clamber through life precariously.


Why should it be so pleasing to my senses?

That’s when I recall all our discrepancies.

Life’s hardships have me all offset.

And now I wonder how many have you met?


Humanity is as vast and as wide as the oceans

Thinking of it with eyes closed and arms stretching open

The taste of sweet and a whiff of spice is kept

And now I wonder how many have you met?


Shattered faces of the past surround me.

Memories of ghouls loving theft and greed.

They took you away and my course was set.

Thoughts about me, how many have you met?


You faded from my dismal abyss.

The empty ocean of sorrow I drift.

Away from you my course drifted of which I did let.

I now wonder how many lands and seas have you met?


Did you wonder of me at all?

Did you see me at all?

Could you hear me shouting to you from the shore?

Did you sail past simply because I was ashore?


Awakening to light, I remember your name.

Ghouls of sweet and spice with smiles of lies.

I tried to forget but I see them all the same.

There were so many overpowering my lamenting cries.


You followed them and forgot me.

Left my empty ocean and dismal sea.

You sailed with them and to die I was left.

The last thing I wonder before sinking to the depths.


Lover, oh lover, were they all worth it?

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