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Carry On

Date Written: September 11, 2017

Struck outta luck,
Truckin' rubber ducks,
Tires bleeding all air.
Drivin' on rims,
Things lookin' grim,
An ounce of fuel to spare.

Coolant pissin' in wind,
Overheatin' within'
Burnt smoke engulfing the clutch,
Your grubby hands stay firm,
As you come to terms,
With the mouse eating your lunch.

At the bottom of the hill,
Dirty cracked windsheild,
The washer pump pumpin' dry,
A rear wheel locks up,
You knock over your mug,
Coffee stains as a tear rounds your eye.

Not religious but you pray,
The steep hill has it's way,
To thin the quitters from the strong.
The ditch saves you a place,
Stress draws on your face,
You dig deep and carry on.

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