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by Annie__
I think alot of people mistakedepression for lazy.But I think alot of peopleare mistaken by,physical and mental illness. I apologise.But when your roomseems like a tornado hit it,when you wake up everydayto observe how messylife has become,when you wake up wishingyou just didn't,because when youwake upand you can't bare thethought of trying. Because depression holds youlike no…
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by Balefire
It continues to spin strings of lies into gold.It continues to chain me: ages in this cage-of-a-bed.Every day & night ...I eat & digest spells: her words.Every night & day ...I believe everything I am fed.A slave to her presence is who I am,skewing my own focus with disillusion: Pretend.&, now... I find myself in…
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I know a girl
by Nikita-May Kammerer
Somtimes life is hardIt's cruel and confusing and can make us put up a guard I know a girl ... that's been through harder times then mostalthough she hardly ever talks about her experiencesher eyes tell a story of wisdom and hopeShe is a gentle soul and I will never understandwhy she is so misunderstoodand if…
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by a Poet Who Is Dead Inside
School's roughAnd so is lifeWill I surviveThat'll be the suprise
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by Annie__
I was once inlove with a boy with curly brown hair and blue eyes.I was once inlove with a boy with insecurities.I was once inlove with a boy with soft hands and arms like guards to protect you.I was once inlove. I'm not inlove with this boy anymore.I'm not inlove with how his once insecurities became…
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Heavy Burden
by Jzargo
Disappointment hurts. No matter how many times I teach myself not to.I can’t help it.When will I learn not to correlate signs to misleading conclusions?God help me.I have been acting high and almighty these recent days.But I am just a mere human.With flaws and imperfections.I hope to resolve this pain I have been going through.I…
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Like Bats
by Balefire
They all hung upside-down-- in liquid form --....as inkwithin.....his pen.
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Body and soul
by Dev Parkash Nischal
Body and Soul Soul- as said is, belongs to God Permanent companion of bodyTill heart is beating and brain is aliveThe important question ariseWhy God gifted soul- to living bodies? Why soul is an important part of body existence? May I try to answer, I think,When human was designedFreedom of thought and action was allowed to humanLate-…
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Calendars Lie
by William Kofoed
Calendars lieI know they doNever could I beAs old as they sayAll the years pastThey must be liesI don’t remember themThey can’t be truePages must be turningIn the middle of the nightYears slipped inWhen I turn out the lightAdding up slowlyTo a big lieThat must be itIt is all a plotI can’t be this old It…
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by William Kofoed
In the quietI hear a soundFills me with dreadEvery timeThough the yearsI look upEven when insideI learned itThen I was youngTo know it wellWhat it meantNever is goodAlways is badBad for someoneAlways is badLong agoMany yearsLearned to fearCopters 
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