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Her Homeland
by doumilove
Take me to that placeWhere people are worried freeA place that is filled with abundance graceWhere everyone is longed to be Take me to that place Where love is in the airBy the look of the people embraceA load I can seem to bear Take me to that place Where things are so hecticLoneliness is a complete disgraceLike…
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Love Opportunity
by Muhamma69081368
Love OpportunityGive me an opportunity to get you off the groundMy sweetheart just make me to just take a startLet your fragrance attract and make me surroundI am in a trance of beauty let my love take partWe are not two but we are just one to embraceLet our hearts mix the music of love…
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by Shobha Raman
Love is the thread it has to get weavedIt remains one sided in reality but in my dream world I am lovedI do not know where things go wrong  bu I experienced  severe pangAs I see my love my emotion freeze Moment he comes I would go awayHe would dance in my dreamSo waiting for dreams…
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by Sonia Crt
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to love
by Kristina Denise-brule Clark
To LovePASSION YEARNING weakness adore admire kindness cherish honor respect listen learning wanting frustration believing crying all these words describe love in the making and all the feelings we go through while in love with who make us go crazy yet sane love is wanting to better yourself yet better them all at the same timelove is wanting to annoy…
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Serenity Blue
by benjamminwright
Standing upon the shore I stared into the seaThe water was serenity blueIts crashing waves whispered to me Breaking the wake it was a cold reliefRefreshing my bones all the way throughSoon betrayed by my initial belief I took the plunge but sank too deepDesperately kicking I wish I had withdrewAnd never took the foolish leap
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by paigesmith_36
dark brown strands of hair fall messily on your foreheadpointing straight to the deep pools of caramel brown that ring around your pupilyour nose curves down into an arrow leading me to your full lipstheir rose color can be seen in the moonlightthe tips of my fingers fill with fire as they skim across your…
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by jsarno
 in my years,few but full,infatuation has made it impossible for me to love. no matter who stays,it’s the one who leaves,that i lose sleep over. for, when something real is herehow will i know that it isn’t just  another misled,misjudgedmisguided teenaged emotion,overtaking meand making me believesomething’s there,when nothing is. ultimately we are all are victimsof this,or thatbut why is…
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My Soulmate
by Joevennie1991
You have a smile that could light up the room.Your eyes twinkled like a star in the dark sky.The touch of your hands felt like a delicate flower.The love you gave me was out of this world.You not only loved me with your heart, but you loved me from your soul.You have the key to my…
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I think!
by Charles Prince
It started as a drink.With no intentions, I think!Or could I tell you were someone I could adore.You poked and I could tell I wanted more.Almost overnight you became my closest friend.There could be more but I never wanted another friend.So I started to share with you.Like I have never fully I trusted you.From nothing…
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