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Hitherto, He Appeared
by JustJoAngus2
Before we met, I had heard that he has a patient demeanor and kind eyes. They told me thathe isn’t envious.‘He isn’t a braggart,and he is not proud,’they told me! They told me that he didn’t spar with the devil, or get easily angered. Neither did he keep a tab of blunders, nor was he…
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by Darc Chain
Will you marry me, I promise to be there for you?  Will you marry me, my baby yes, just say I do. The time has come…for us to get serious…I’m no longer…afraid of commitment…God’s approve…and gave us deliverance…to live as one…under his precinct...We have grown…into a different environment…Sown into…a special connection…Created a…spiritual empowerment…And move on…
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Loving You :) :) :)
by Joeys Wonder Girl
Mmm, I do love youNo matter what you doBecause you are YouThat is why I love you!
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Your Whisper
by Joeys Wonder Girl
You took me by surprise, when you whispered in my earWe'd just made hot love, and your body held mine nearAt first I thought I'd heard you wrong, was lost in post-love blissBut when you looked me in my eyes nothing went a-missThe softness in your eyes told me, that your heart was trueThe gentle…
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Forever in Time
by Joeys Wonder Girl
Baby, baby I feel your sadness!I'm still here, where would I go in this world's madness?I woke in the night my heart aching with sorrowFeeling helpless, nothing I could do till tomorrowYou're so far away but please know thisI feel all of you, nothing goes amissWith hand on my heart I sent Light out to…
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Wet White Dress
by Joeys Wonder Girl
Running barefoot through the rainGoing as fast as a freight trainFat drops pelting down on my faceNature is filled with fury and grace!Laughing so wildly and feeling so free Happy to be loving and being just me!Wet white dress is sticking to my bodyAdds a sensuality - definitely not shoddyHugging every curve, every part of meI'm…
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Dream-a-little-dream of Me
by JessicaMars
As I lay on my pillowI step onto my galleonwith the stars beneathand the sun as my wreath On an unchartered sea we sailof joy, hope and a silent pleaas deep slumber overcame my sensesI surrendered to this mystical world Swirl and twirl as I walk up to my thronewrapped in a cloak made ofa myriad of dreams searchingfor what was forever…
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by JessicaMars
I slept so well not knowing thatyour soul was searchingfor a place to dwell.Laying awake, praying for my Loveto gain favor from above Blame it on the moonFor I slept too soonMy sleep was bliss where I dreamtOf nothing amiss except beingwith my true loveSafe and sound I slept in his armsmeandering in my dreamsto a…
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by Sonia Crt
Your loved ones forgotto play their rolethey loved you?ahh not at allstop showingyour love in wholehey my decent& honest solehide your painhide your woeswhat you facingno one knowsas much you thinkas your pain growsRemember!!nothing is yours& no one is your close..
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sorrow’s reaper
by River.Ophelia
Silent tears twisting throughDifferent forms promise newhidden memories betraying menew form, same pain I must fleesorrow's Reaper reaps rewardsenslaved in heart by Keeper's swordescape is neigh, to this I vowsalty tears taste bitter now
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