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Spring Haiku
by Salmabanu Hatim
Has hue of pastels,Her feet lost in the new grassBang, spring has arrived.
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The Wrinkles in Time
by R. L. Bunch
Dandelion,The springing fountainOf our youth.The petals welt away, Some have been plucked,Half shapedMishaps.The youth goesDown the drain,Our enemy of oldIs to blame.The wrinkles in time,The white old foe.Fables and legendsAre made at his soul,Yet we retain our figure,A statue to configure,Some stone,Some clay,Some nay,But bones that lay.As the dandelion loses its tint,We still retain our glint,Where…
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My son’s birthday
by Shobha Raman
It was a wonderful day full of joyFlower,s fragrance and golden sunshineThrilled my heart and frilled my excitementAge might leaps but desire doublesEach day we count our wishes scoreAffection glowed day shoned spritely 
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A Wintry Poem
by Subhashchandra B Adhav
  A  Wintry Poem A poem isA tip of icebergWithin frozenFathoms Deep OceanSensations mergeBut warm play of emotionsAnd their surge Iceberg coveredWith fog and mistCozy words’ romantic playAnd their twistEmbracing similes and hugging metaphorsThey enjoy aesthetic feast Mystic symbols as ice ballsThey take stanceFor ball danceChilly wind’s romanceWith snug phrasesImagery coldBecomes boldIdeas soldA warm poemIn chilly winter’s fold In icy…
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Journey to Tranquility
by Andreas Simic
Journey to Tranquility©As I nestle into the seat of myFar from new mode of transportI steel myself for the journey aheadIn my mind I plan out the route for this dayI'm sure bumper to bumper was invented hereThere will be that slow crawl up the parkwayThis will turn into the raceway as we hit the…
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by sunburned
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Dark cloud
by comnpkpillai
The sky remains dark and cloudy Entertained by colourful smoke Poisoning and suffocating for days Neither rain nor shine but only dark mist Pitted against polluting dust and gases As the effort of pollution continuesFrom the various destructionist policies Encouraged by the anticlimate lobby.   
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Changing face
by comnpkpillai
When all alone for long Feel to be with someoneWhen .always with someone Feel to be alone. It seems a time out Probably an interval Between the boredom Of loneliness and togetherness.Feeling regular change is life When slowly vaporises 
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Become Lake.
by Spiritual Honey 108
Photo of Lake Mapourika courtesy of true teachings heard,by hearts free as a bird;Those in the know, becomeserene like fresh snow;Thoughts fade and pin point,Third eye to anoint;Mind expands its free will,Becomes lake, vast and still.   
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Clear Spring.
by Spiritual Honey 108
Photo courtesy of  water slides from a lotus leaf,As teardrop falls from a state of grief;So sensual pleasures do not cling,To the Being whose mind's clear spring.   
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