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Against The Reality
by sanidnb03
Мy enemy is too strong,and my fear's getting bigger I remember when I was young now the future is pulling the trigger...The place I used to recognizetake my hand, Mother, and let's get backand reveal me the best advice how to keep me out of the black'cause the present is making me restlessI feel how time attacks me,…
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by Doyle Staley
Oh the poppycock in the corner whose feathers grew out his butt. Said isn’t it fair my derriere from which you are to pluck. We’re oh so glad you came to us… we’re oh so glad you’re hereNow take a feather from out my nethers and stick it in your rear.
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Plonking for KerPlunk!
by Anonyma Magnifique
  They plonked on the couchTo play a game of KerPlunkHe usually won, so this timeShe was determined not to flunk!  
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The Weary
by fahd shalhoub
Returning relief of hope and its leafs Comforting please that reach no extreme A hand of emotion caress my devotion With tears in motion an endless contortion She found me a begger and made me a sinner No questions to mutter in this lovely endeavor A storm of heat with a giant to beat Golith will speak "…
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Forceful Service
by fahd shalhoub
Tell me how,Tell me howto live in here and excite you nowA Mannered peace,a mannerd peacechats and laughter with no teaseWith the hate, I accpet the fate   the shining smile, a perfect baitSacred silence, a building violencethe longing stare, the lustrous guidance Tell me how,Tell me now how do you always make me bow? 
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by Oregmi Roze
Haunted Past; my life's mistaketrivial: the lives at stakemurder! SCREAMS the heartnightmares portrayed in artShould have done and never didpitiful, i'll never ridmy mind of all those broken daysClouds covering the sun's grey rays.
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by DrNikhat Bano
Rustling through the tanned leavessoaked in the aroma of fresh breeze;Treading on soothing, forsaken trailslife's pleasures are but little marvels.Far off, gleaming, playful rays are seenromancing with the alpine trees, serene;Engrossed in the rhythm of nature's grindall are dancing on a set tune of time.In this orange grove, runs wild sensation;Love lost among the Creator's…
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by gtilson
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by Nakea Johnson
Have you ever seen a house fall?Brick by brick tearing away those concrete wallsBefore these eyes a tower droppedLike it wasn't built from the ground as the workers reached the topNothing knocked  this masterpieceBut the foundationIt was weakJust like meUnable to stand on my own two feetYour words cut me so deepThat my masterpiece faced…
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by Sophie House
Stuck, no place to goStill have to pay the debts we oweRed blood shows clearly on white snowBacked into a cornerBest friends with a foreignerThe globe is our escapeFind ourselves where we lost ourselvesThen lose our selves againHeld back by feelings of burning rageAll of us trapped in the same smoking cageLegs are tiredHearts are…
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