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by Zip Zappa
Bless you, blessing me,God bless us, strong and free.Bless the paper, and the pen,Bless our Government, and me again,Bless our enforcment, bless the laws,Bless those above it, the golden jaws.Bless the fog, that masks the truth,Godbless the daft, blind, deaf and mute.Bless the sunshine,and the sea,Bless the notion, of being free,Bless the cursed, and bless their backs,God bless taxes, the silver sack.Bless the monopoly, on your health.Bless…
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by Jawahar Gupta
LOVING NOW ============Now means everything. everywhere and every moment Now does not respond to some special phase content Now is sum total energy, neither good nor bad element Neither lower or higher But quality cosmic component Now means not just right or wrong but a lot happening Without any mourning or enjoying results of grappling Now means real truth of black death…
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The Estrangement
by scbainbridge
It felt like it was only yesterdaySince I broke your heart and was cast asideI'm sorry I caused you to drift awayTell me that our sisterhood hasn't diedLong ago we had the rarest flowerBut alas bitter winter chilled the bud;And stole our flower at the darkest hourO loneliness, for you I cry a floodFor you…
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The twilight hour
by Nikita Sverchkov
The twilight hour Your golden pearls became my crownYour walls all crushed in gush of windYour king, your sun, had fallen downYour stars in sky began to grind What were your plans? I do not knowThere's no matter anymoreIt's time to end your solo showIt's time of wrath, of cries, of sores The flames consume your only castleYour…
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Share the pain.
by david2201991
Why loneliness can be a happy escape...if It just power you with pain?in this own life stage the life is like a rain...the days pass very fastand the questions that you can´t found the whyI am a prisioner in freedomand there are many reasonsthe hot city and the cigarettes makes me strongbut I know that It is another…
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by benjamminwright
Dreams do not discriminateAll of us seem to have themCan you really hide behind hateAssuming you're right in the end
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by Zip Zappa
Walking round the corner,You see me, and surpriseYour terrified.I see the monster you are seeing,In the reflection of your eyes.I'm terrified.
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by Zip Zappa
With the hands of a drummer,and the mind of a poet.He comes to work everyday,And unplugs the toilets.With the heart of a Saint,and the nerves of a Hero,He will be rememberedfor being a zero.Misused and abused,The Fatman is amused.With this perfect situation,And a perfect neck for a noose.
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Mother Said
by Zip Zappa
If ever your day,Is not proceeding the way,That you hoped and envisioned.You mother has offered,Great words of advice,and you chose not to listen.
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by Zip Zappa
The calloused hand tightly grips,Both the saving grace and the fault.Stained in oil, grease and dirt,Chapped lips hoover for another draw.Nearing in, sucking in, the cherry burns aglow.Drawing in the toxic smoke, slithering down the throat.Pipe to pipe, ash to ash, people sneer as if spotting trash.Without empathy in their mind, addiction wins all the…
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