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Let me see myself

Had God ever shown you the error of your ways,
Where like a movie your life He displays,
He will take you back to a time and place,
To a time you may have behaved with shame and disgrace,

It will not be the same for one and all,
But it will be a placve where we did fall,
He does it to teach us not to condemn,
To show us where we walked away from Him,

You see He never leaves us nor does He forsake,
But He will show us the path we did take,
There are things in myself I do not like to see,
Yet I pray to see them to make a better me,
So I can learn and in the faith grow strong,
Gaining strength to prevent going wrong.
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Caleb Smith More than 1 year ago
...shown me the error of my ways...too many times. Thank heaven grace is free...
Laura Wilson More than 1 year ago
My Lord has not turned his back on me it is I that have turned a blind eye to him. This hit me the other day when I was listening to Clay Crosse right before I started writing again. Haven't written but a couple of things in the past 6 years. Your very well scripted words brings it home again. Encouraging without being forceful. Thank you so very very much for sharing.
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
I will read what you write because there is too little Christian poetry
edgar eslit More than 1 year ago
Such a lovely poem written with elegance and grace. One can easily relate the beauty of life with great appreciation through poetry.
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
thank you for taking the time to rate
richard skinner More than 1 year ago
my momma says hand it over to jesus!
Troy Kaneer More than 1 year ago
thank you for your kindness and consideratin
ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
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