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I've been lying on the sofa; I've been lying on the bed
All the words of anger still running thru my head
I can't shake this feeling things are going to change
We've both said way too much to ever be the same
Words are meant to comfort, not harden us to steel
After all the words we have spoken, I can barely feel
I really thought I loved you, I thought you loved me
But I realized this morning it's all but history
There's a reason for our anger, a reason for our pain
We're not meant to be together, it is driving us insane
The only thing to do now, is to wave and say goodbye
If we don't then there's no way that we'll both survive
I can't stand to see you cry, inside I'm crying too
The pain that we're enduring is not worth enduring thru
I've packed up my belongings, the things I really need
The rest I'll have you give away to anyone you please
I'll treasure all the good times, memories we shared
For once upon a time I know, that we both really cared
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Rod Daniel More than 1 year ago
You made that flow very well. Expressed wonderfully.
Murwyn More than 1 year ago
Goodness, you need to put your poems in a book soon! If you haven't already....how about a novel...man you can write!
Sommerlynn Ullrich 6 months ago
I love how u use challenging words and speak from your heart. I could read your poems all day.:)
Linda Roback 6 months ago
Wonderful writing.
I love it
Adrienne Poor More than 1 year ago
Oh the heartaches we endure. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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