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the time in-between...

theyve been preaching the end of time before mine began,
two thousand & thirteen years ago is when they started this plan.
now, here we all are,
the same number when counting a far away star.
what have we become,
when few are the some...?
ive seen this, that & everything in between,
none has offered true love serene.
i could care less what ive gone thru,
dying is my day due,
none had to walk in this shoe,
born are the many, reborn are the few.
ive heard all of the talk i care to hear,
& im tired of holding all of the fear.
who cares what the stock market is,
to hell with the everyday pop-quiz.
so many against one another,
my pain is trying to be your true brother.
far away hidden in the backwoods i live,
technology is how i give.
i read your pain,
as i sit alone in the down pouring rain.
your heart aches expressed,
my past ive confessed.
the worst that ever walked,
seeing right thru all of the b.s. talk.
holy spirit taught,
its all ive ever sought.
man letting man down,
all because of the evil sound.
divided we have become as a nation,
soon the end of this creation.
one against the other,
no one claiming a sister or brother.
in the north i was born,
in the south i met mans thorn.
conceived in the city,
matured in the nitty gritty.
seeing beyond your mask,
a questioned answered not needing to be asked.
this writing going out around the world,
defining the worlds downward spiral twirl.
selfishness leading the way,
explain to me, how do you define today...???!!!
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x x More than 1 year ago
I wonder if you've realized yet that time is only a concept, a way of measuring "Now". If you simply sit and look around you right now, where is the past? Where is the future? Is there truly anything other than this very moment? Somehow this very moment is Everything, and you are this moment.
Alan Green 'Guppyman' More than 1 year ago
the poet tells of all of a soul who yearns for more
Sammer Ghouleh More than 1 year ago
Thomas Strickland More than 1 year ago
Thank you.
Cesar Botetano More than 1 year ago
Keep writing
Nichole Ritter More than 1 year ago
Tiffany Griffin 3 months ago
The first part of good until I got to the middle of it on got lost 
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