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The Path Most Walked

ive eaten of every fruit life has to offer,
bittersweet was much of its fill,
taste testing all that shouldnt be,
nothing was able to set this soul free...

evil was my natural desire,
to see hell on earth set a fire,
watching everything around me burning down,
listening to silence screaming out its hollowed sound...

it wasnt anything i myself wanted,
dead or alive i just wanted to live,
not offering much and less to give,
alone ive walked looking from within the inside...

seeking a happiness i couldnt see,
one deeper than the well ive dwelled in,
more real than the echoes of falling tears,
filling this hole for many to drink from...

walls built of stone,
feeling each crushed bone,
blind is a sight unseen,
that searchs true love serene...

all must walk thru the valley,
mountains to climb,
ocean bottoms to adventure,
storms to weather,
in the end we stand alone...

what seems so far away;
dwells within our spirit,
a moment in time from the soul,
a grain of sand falling thru glass,
filling a heart with all that its ever seen...

fear not the existence of evil,
fear Him whom will destroy its existence,
taking away all of the suffering, sorrow & pain,
clearing the storms of all their down poring rain...

we're all born with evil & good inside,
cookie crumb story lies,
from our youth it grows,
one or the other, chosen is the unchosen...

some born into riches,
others born into poverty,
many living in between,
all suffering for their own loss...

see beyond,
imagine further,
dream deeper,
fear not the dark night reaper...
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Chrissy Pilgrim More than 1 year ago
Anandhu Sasikumar More than 1 year ago
Michelle Bay More than 1 year ago
Angel Jones More than 1 year ago
So many riveting moments within the lines. Well written. 
ARUN MAZUMDER 7 months ago
good work
Young-Prince Ezekiel-Tobiloba 6 months ago
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